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Cuon N Roll was founded and active by three sources of energy: love, passion and pride, shown in every product that we create. We are always grateful for every experience that Cuon N Roll gives to its members as well as customers.

The idea of Cuon N Roll came to us in a journey across Vietnam, an experience full of emotional and patriotic feelings for the country with Vietnamese-spirited dishes along the road. The pride of simple yet special rolls had encouraged us to establish a restaurant with a variety of healthy and tasty Vietnamese food, in a modern and comfortable atmosphere.

We believe that our restaurant is not only a place to eat; that our food is not simply to satisfy your hunger come and have meals, but more importantly, it is the memorable times we have with our family, friends and colleagues.

Our passion for “Cuon” has kept our love alive with our home Cuon N Roll which is trusted for fresh ingredients, our home-grown vegetables – straight from farm to tables. Because rolls are typical of vegetables, much fibre, little fat, good for health, we want to assure that every dish is qualified in terms of food safety.

Continue our mission to bring out realistic experiences: to roll, wrap, create and enjoy unique taste of each roll by 6 senses, Cuon N Roll will keep moving forward to promoting Vietnamese rolls an international trend of food.


Address1: No 3,  Bà Triệu Alley, Ha Ba Trung, Hà Nội
Tel: (024) 3978 1096

Address2: 3rd floor, D2 Building, Giang Vo Street, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi

Tel:(024) 3 201 8555

Address3: 17T6 Hoàng Đạo Thúy, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội

Tel: (024) 6 251 218

Hotline: 0914 333 711

Email: info@cuonnroll.vn

Website: www.cuonnroll.vn

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cuonnrollvn