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5 best late night snacks for World Cup

The whole world eat, sleep with World Cup.Along with beer- a familiar drink to accompany the matches of the night, the snacks, simple snack for late night is also essential. On this occation, you can show your thoughtfulness by preparing some delicious food for the whole family.

Shredded pork skin roll


– Pig’s ears, roasted, finely – ground rice flour

– Garlic, chilli, lemon leaf

– Vietnamese mints, herbs


– Pig ear hair shaved, squeezed with salt, vinegar, lemon to remove odors and cook in boiling water.

After the meat is well done cooked, take it out, soaked in cold water immediately. Wait until the meat to cool, slice into matchstick size

– Wash the herb leaves and lettuce, then drain and dry. Cut chilli, lemone leaf into small pieces.

-In a bowl, mixed well minced garlic, leamon leaves, and roasted rice powder gradually.

You can serve with fish dipping sauce.

Dried squid shredded

Grilled squid with cold beer is indeed a perfect duo. Grill the sun-dried squid then tear the squid to small parts , and enjoy with a slightly sweet chilli sauce is actually super great for football games. This is considered a tasty dish, economics and familiar to many people. In addition to grilled squid, you can also just use fish, cow fish or deer meat, dried beef …

Fried sweet potatoes


– Sweet potatoes

– Sugar or honey

– butter and oil


– Potatoes washed, drained and peeled, cut into long bar.

– Put all in a bowl and mixed well with sugar and honey.

– Heat the pan over medium heat , add some butter, and deep fried in vegetable oil until turn into golden crispy

– After well-done cook, take it out into a tray, to extract the oil.

Grilled chicken feet with honey


– chicken feets : 400 gr

– Honey, fish sauce, chicken powder, oyster sauce, minced garlic : 1 tsps , oil : 2 Tsp


– Chicken feets soaked in salt water for 10 mininutes, gently toss, and steam in boiling water with ginger slices until fragant, then drain and dry.

– Prepare sauce dressing includes ingredients like soysauce, honey, fish sauce .. Stir well until all ingredients are dissolved. Keep tasting the dressing until you can fell the balance of sweet, sour and salty.

– Marinated chicken feet from 30 mininutes to 1 hour. After that, grilled on coal. Grilled chicken feet can eat with chilli sauce and lemon salt.

Noodle roll


– Rice noodle paper

– 500 gr beef mince

– Lettuce, coriander leaves and herbs.

– Fish sauce, vinegar or lemon, garlic, chilli, salt


– Washed the vegetables

– Marinate beef mince with salt and until it soften, then turn the heat to high, quickly stir fry with garlic until fragrant

– When the beef is cooked to rare, transfer to the plate.

– Lay the rice noodle paper on the dish, add lettuce, coriander, and beed, and then wrap it up.

– Preparing dipping sauce includes fish sauce, vinegar and lemon juice, minced garlic and chilli and spring water.

Noodle rolls are served with sweet and sour sauce is a perfect choice for the whole family.

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