Grilled Meat Spring Rolls

Cake mult nem grilled meat is a popular dish is gradually becoming a favorite snack in the city, is the food that all visitors are told that if you go to Quang Ngai but not a try, unfortunately.





Grilled meat spring rolls is a folk food which is becoming a favorite nosh in the city. All the visitors told that if you go to Quang Ngai, you have to try it once.
The thin rice paper is rolled with meat, shrimp and chopped onions, add some seasonings for tatse, then use bamboo to keep them on the charcoal stove. It is cooked on the charcoal stove, absorb each pieces of meat, aroma of girdle-cake mix with the onion and create an unforgettable taste. Especially is the indispensable part of fresh vegetables, some slices of green bananas, fish mint, small lettuce, perilla and bean sprouts.

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