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There were so many guests dropping by to enjoy food at Cuon n Roll and they felt very impressed, amused to even ask for the green bowl at the restaurant. But very few customers know that these bowls are “unique” and 100% handmade from skillful hands of Bat Trang artisans.

Sets of unique cup, bowl and dishe at Cuon n Roll

Behind the story of these bowls is an experience full of stories worth retelling and sharing about the pottery village

The green bowl is made from the hands of Bat Trang artisans, who grew up with rock land turntable.

In the first time coming to visit an old ceramics workshop at Bat Trang, we were very impressed by the passion and love from pottery artisans here. Must be witnessed, we realized, ceramics are tri-century in their heart. Every time sitting on the turntable, they were immersed in the world of clay and powder, cradled in each action. Each product completed is the brainchild of artists, each of them is in different appearance, unlike the Chinese ceramic products are selling mass-produced on the market.

It’s sad that today people still cling to the ceramic are only very little residual. Because of the living and the immediate profit, Many Bat Trang artisans became traders when they import the products of Chinese origin with a super cheap price and resell for just 10.000 -50.000 vnd a product. We had a chance to talk with an old artisans in villages , quite sad when I heard what he say, that today, young generation is no longer keep his father’s tradition, ” in the market, just full of Chinese products available, not many famous Bat Trang products exist as they were.

With a love with the Bat Trang pottery as well as the desire to bring and introduce everyone the elite Vietnamese pottery, the green bowl after the firing process has included many harsh steps in accordance with procedures and to ensure the raw materials are safe and “clean” for the most health benefits.

After completing shaping process under talented hands of the artisans, these bowls, cups, plates …are fired on a high temperature of 1300 ° C in a furnace during several hours, all stages are is guaranteed to follow the standards of health and safety for the finished product to the “Made in Vietnam” and “Bat Trang” standard.

The reason Cuon N Roll choose the green ceramic products not only because of its green color is characteristic of the restaurant but also because green also represents purity, freshness, color of hope , the development, the god Mercury represents wisdom and the colors bring a sense of security represented by the green lights behind the message “ok, Let’s Go “. Thereby CUON n ROLL want to give the guests the feeling of relaxation and comfortable to dine at the restaurant.

The Products are done from the heart, though it may not have the flash appearance, the most ornate but it is always the most beautiful and most precious. The green bowl is the best wishes of Cuon N Roll Family as well as Bat Trang artisans sending to our customers not only delicious meals that are clean, and about values of cultural traditions need to be preserved

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