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Top 5 rolls you must try at least once in Hanoi


A hot and crispy pancake roll including some vegetables, rice paper with specially-made dipping sauce is something you can never have enough of. Enjoying a pancake roll is not just simply feeling its delicious flavour, it is also a rather delicate art. The sound of crunching pancake when on the hot pan, when broken and chewed; The appalling smell of the newly-made cake; The cake’s golden yellow, vegetables’ fresh green and chilli’s bright red; The combination of all senses, sweetness of the powder, meet, shrimp and fat. Everything dances in your mouth to brighten up your day.


Hai Phong’s shredded fermented fork roll has a sour, sweet, fresh and seasoned flavour, especially stimulating when added typical raw vegetables. Pork roll has been a familiar traditional food. Its sour and a bit spicy flavour is even more irresistible when combined with the elegant taste of fruits and vegetables.


A food of which the outer layer is made of wheat, eggs, milk and butter and the inside can vary from cream, fruits or meat. This roll can be made by several recipes and is particularly popular especially among teenagers and any food lovers.


In Korea, kimbap is regarded the second most popular food behind kimchi. Thanks to many tv series promoting Korean cuisine, kimbap – “rice rolled with seaweed” is becoming well-known across the world and is loved by a huge number of people.


Some people regard grilled pork roll as a typical Hue speciality. When wrapping, place vegies first on the pancake paper, then put on the meat ball. There is a special dipping sauce which can be eaten with this roll.

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